Meet Hazel

I believe that moving your body makes you feel great and is a key to a healthy and happy life. Pilates is a great way to move - just like food, exercise is also best when it's varied. Mix up your movement!

I'm a Mum of two and used to be a Primary School teacher. I discovered pilates in 2006 and have been in love with it ever since!

Pilates is a great way to switch off from the outside world for an hour, focus on you and your body and give yourself some self-care. As well as focusing on deep breathing throughout the session, at the end of each pilates class I'll guide you through a relaxation. 

I look forward to helping you move well and if you have any questions, please say hello!


Meet the team

To bring you fantastic events and retreat experiences, Hazel works with some selected partners.
Find out more about them here.

Lyn Hatch

Tropic Skincare Ambassador

Lyn can help you find freshly made, cruelty-free, natural skincare products that use the most innovative and effective ingredients nature has to offer. Her facials are incredible - a truly blissful experience. Get in touch to book a facial or massage. 

Lyn also works for St Teresa's Hospice and half the proceeds from her sales of Tropic products go to the Hospice to support their vital work. 

To browse Tropic's multi-award winning range, visit Lyn's shop. 

To get in touch with Lyn, join her facebook group and say hello!


La Grue Gites

A Perfect French Getaway

Beautiful accommodation nestled between fields of yellow sunflowers and vineyards in one of the sunniest corners of South West France. 

Three charmingly restored farmhouses offer a peaceful getaway. Enjoy strolling or cycling through the countryside, relaxing in the private pool, or a glass of wine on the patio.  

Carol and Martin are your hosts. Originally from Darlington, they will make you feel completely at home. Whether you are looking for a relaxing short break to unwind, or a fun-filled family self-catering holiday, they can help you create your ideal holiday in France. 

Visit La Grue Gites on facebook to say hello! 


Jacqueline Carson

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Jacqueline offers weekly relaxation classes which offer deeply restorative relaxation and allow you to feel calmer throughout the week. 

She also offers clinical hypnotherapy at her therapy rooms in Duke Street. These are individual sessions bespoke to you. She will help you change the way your subconscious mind thinks and overcome barriers that are holding you back, allowing you to embrace life fully. 

To get in touch with Jacqueline, visit her website or say hello on her facebook group