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1-1 sessions


Choose personalised lessons just for you or work with a partner. People often choose 1-1 sessions if they're rehabilitating after an injury or an operation, but you don't have to be. These sessions are tailored to you, and we'll record the exercises so you've got support for your private practice in between sessions. These are usually half an hour every other week.

Group Classes

Yoga Practice

Workout with a group of other people online. 
You can choose from mixed level classes, pilates flow or intermediate sessions.

Postnatal Pilates

Mother Doing Pilates with Baby

This is a specialist post-natal class, suitable from your 6-week post-natal check onwards. This course will help you strengthen your body, increase your awareness of your alignment and help you re-balance your body. Enjoy some time for you to strengthen, rebuild, balance and relax. You are welcome to allow your baby to lie on a mat beside you, and the class is recorded so if you miss a section, you can re-visit it any time in the week at a time that suits you and your baby.

Standing Outdoor Pilates

All Saints Church Gardens, Ravensdale Road

We're now holding outdoor standing pilates sessions, with the option of adding weights for upper body strength. These focus on mobility, strength, and above all - balance! 

You need:

- A mat

- Trainers 

- A towel

Weights will be provided for you, but if you have your own, you are welcome to bring them. 

Woman with Pilates Mat

Group sessions

Pilates Flow


Monday 7:45pm

Pilates Flow gives you space to release, move, and breathe. Switch off and find a place where you can just focus on your moving your body. You don't need to worry about different levels of exercise, you can just enjoy simple pilates and relaxation. Suitable for beginners and those with pilates experience.

Pilates Level 1, 2 & 3

Yoga Practice

Various times - see timetable below

Will help you lengthen, strengthen and balance your body. Each exercise will be offered with different options of level 1, 2 or 3 moves to allow you to work in a way that suits you. You'll learn about your alignment, improve your muscle tone and balance, increase joint mobility and release tension. Suitable for beginners and intermediates.


Stretch Yoga Pose

Tuesday 8pm

This class will challenge you to move well. You'll learn about your alignment, improve your muscle tone and balance, increase joint mobility and release tension. Pilates experience needed - you are welcome to contact Hazel if you want to check if this is suitable for you.

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